Improving Health Outcomes in the Communities We Serve

The OvationCares Foundation, the charitable arm of Ovation Healthcare, is dedicated to supporting the health and economic wellness of independent community healthcare.
We foster healthier communities by supporting education through scholarships, aiding disaster relief efforts, and providing assistance to employees experiencing hardship. We strive to improve health outcomes and create a lasting impact on the individuals and communities we serve.

The OvationCares Foundation's mission is to improve health outcomes in communities we serve.

Income disparities have far-reaching consequences on health outcomes and financial stability is a conduit for better access to healthcare, nutritious food, safe housing, and educational opportunities. By fostering a society that uplifts and supports every individual, we create an environment that enables health to flourish. We believe that by addressing health-related social needs and promoting healthy environments, we can help individuals and communities thrive.

By focusing on these priorities, we aim to make significant and lasting strides toward healthier communities.

Promoting economic stability and essential resources
Facilitating access to exceptional education
Enhancing healthcare access and quality
Improving neighborhood and built environment

Caring for our Community

We see hospitals as the lifeline to the health and economic wellness of the communities they serve. We are committed to promoting change and addressing health disparities that can lead to inequities in healthcare access and outcomes.