About OvationCares

Our Mission

The OvationCares Foundation’s mission is to improve health outcomes in communities where people are born, live, learn, work, play, and age. Income disparities have far-reaching consequences on health outcomes and financial stability is a conduit for better access to healthcare, nutritious food, safe housing, and educational opportunities. We believe that by addressing health-related social needs and promoting healthy environments, we can help individuals and communities thrive.

Our Story

OvationCares is a nationwide nonprofit foundation committed to improving health outcomes for individuals and communities.

The OvationCares Foundation is the charitable arm of Ovation Healthcare. For 45 years, Ovation Healthcare has served independent healthcare from critical access hospitals to large health systems. Ovation Healthcare provides scale and efficiency to hospital business operations, preserving the focus on patients and the communities in which they live.

OvationCares understands the local healthcare system is only one factor in supporting healthy communities. Social determinants of health, such as access to education, economic stability, and a safe environment, also play a significant role. That’s why we focus on making a collective impact by funding initiatives that support resource scarcities identified through social determinants of health.

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The OvationCares Foundation works to address the shortage of healthcare workers by offering scholarships to students who are pursuing careers in health sciences. By supporting the next generation of healthcare professionals, we hope to contribute to a thriving healthcare workforce that will continue to serve communities across the nation.

Our Board Members

OvationCares is proud to introduce our board. Our leaders are stewards of independent healthcare with deep and rich experience across health delivery systems of all sizes.

Vice President, Treasurer

Vice President

General Counsel

John Turner

Vice President, Treasurer

John Turner, MBA, serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Ovation Healthcare and is the Vice President and Treasurer of OvationCares. John has more than 25 years of progressive and reliable healthcare leadership experience in both for-profit and nonprofit healthcare environments. He has a track record of driving organizational success in operational and financial objectives through a strong makeup of strategic research and operational execution. John establishes an environment of uncompromising integrity and emphasizes a commitment to vision, values, and purpose while constantly focusing on patients’ needs and feedback.

John is a hard-working leader who understands the importance of developing positive and collaborative professional relationships with physicians, administrators, community leaders, and boards. He places a high priority on developing and mentoring direct reports while ensuring a culture of competence in healthcare and organizational success.

David Perry

Vice President

David Perry, BS, CPA, FHFMA, CHFP, serves as the Vice President, Healthcare Finance & Reimbursement, of Ovation Healthcare and is the Vice President of Ovation Cares. David brings more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. 

David is a seasoned professional in the healthcare field, with his tenure at Ovation Healthcare beginning in 2007, which reflects his commitment and loyalty to the organization. David’s oversight of seven rural hospitals highlights his ability to handle complex responsibilities with finesse while his expertise in financial oversight, cost report analysis, and identification of opportunities for improvement showcases his meticulous attention to detail. David’s knowledge extends beyond hospitals to encompass various healthcare sectors, such as CAHs, SNFs, home health agencies, and rural health clinics, allowing him to bring a wealth of expertise to OvationCares.

Judd Peak

General Counsel

Judd is an attorney with over 25 years of legal experience, including tenure at two revenue cycle firms. He is responsible for contracting strategy and oversight, risk management, litigation, and corporate entity management, and provides counsel and advice to all business lines. He is frequently sought as a speaker and has published articles and book chapters on healthcare payer issues, privacy regulations, compliance programs, risk assessments and labor relations. He plays a pivotal role in offering support and strategic guidance to OvationCares.